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  1. Hi Jorge. I am stuck on changing the color of an axis. If you take the barchart example of your video, how would you change the axis(x or y or both) to be any color from a color picker “{fill: solid: {” as set up in capabilities.json?

    My color pickers show up in the properties pane, but upon selecting a color, nothing happens


  2. Hi Jorge,
    First of all, thanks a lot for your videos, it helps me greatly to begin with custom visuals !
    I’m stuck on adding the ctrlKey event. I want to make a difference between single bar selection ( with click only ) and multiple bar selection (with ctrl + click) like the vanilla charts.
    I have my keyboardevent and i can return the event.ctrlkey value ( “false” by default) but I don’t know why, the value stay “false” when i press ctrl.
    I tried few methods from the net but none of them worked…
    How would you do this in your bar chart example ?


    1. How would you do this in your bar chart example

      Well, I would not use a modifier key in the first place. Modifier keys are the bane of tap devices, like your tablet or phone and I would want my visual to work the same on any device.

      Therefore, I would instead implement a small “Enable Multiselect” button right on corner of the chart, that you can tap once to activate and again to deactivate.

      If active, each tap on a data item would add to the current selection instead of replacing it.

      That’s my two bits.

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